Best Indoor Dog Kennel 2023

When it comes to indoor dog kennels, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your purchase. The size of the kennel, the material it’s made out of, and the type of door are all important factors to consider.

The best indoor dog kennel will be spacious enough to keep your dog comfortable, while also providing them with plenty of room to move around. It should be made out of durable materials that are easy to clean and provide adequate ventilation. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Indoor Dog Kennel 2023 Comparison Table

PhotoName Check priceBrand Features
Petmate Vari Dog Kennel, Various Sizes
Check Price
Petmate • Plastic material
• Airline adaptable
• Ventilated
• Easy assembly
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage
Check Price
LUCKUP • Metal material
• Heavy duty frame
• Easy to clean
• Easy to assemble
Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cove
Check Price
Lucky dog • Easy assemble
• Durable
• Waterproof
• Flexible design
Amazon Basics Heavy Duty
Check Price
Amazon basics • Heavy duty
• Compact storage
• Easy to assemble
• durable
LEMBERI 48/38 inch Indestructible Dog Crate
Check Price
LEMBERI • Heavy duty
• Extra large
• Lockable wheels
• Safe
Confote Heavy Duty Stainless Steel & Metal Dog Cage Kennel
Check Price
Confote • Lockable
• Removeable tray
• Double door
• Easy to clean
Dog Crate Cage for Large Dogs
Check Price
BestPet• Lockable wheels
• Removeable pan
• Easy to install
• durable
BestPet Dog Crate Pet Kennel
Check Price
BestPet • Easy to set up
• Waterproof
• Large
• Heavy duty
Dog Cage Crate
Check Price
Dkeli • Lockable wheels
• Easy to install
• 2 door design
• Durable
• safe
Furnitures Dog Crates Indoor Use
Check Price
Furpezoo • Sturdy
• Easy to assemble
• Double door
• Spacious
unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate
Check Price
Unipaws • Dual purpose
• Ventilation
• Stylish
• Wide top
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage
Check Price
Smith built • Locking wheels
• Durable
• Removeable pan
• Rust resistant
36,42,48 inch Dog Cage Large
Check Price
Best home product • Sturdy
• Easy to clean
• Leak proof
• Multifunctional
• Easy to set up
Lucky Dog 60548 8ft x 4ft x 6ft Uptown Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel
Check Price
Lucky dog • Waterproof
• Easy to clean
• Heavy duty
Easy to set up
BestPet 24,30,36,42,48 Inch Dog Crates
Check Price
BestPet • Easy to clean
• Foldable
• Easy to set up
• Safe

1) Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty KennelPetmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel

Check Price

Both the Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel and Petmate Kennel-Crate provide your dog the best in comfort and security during travel and downtime. These kennels are designed for dogs of all sizes and provide durability, ventilation, and safety to reduce stress for you and your pet.

Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel: Medium Dogs’ Ultimate Haven

A medium-sized dog weighing 70–90 pounds should retreat to the Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel. This kennel is sturdy and comfortable, made with care.

Strong Construction for Security

The Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel is made of durable recycled plastic. Its sturdy construction keeps your dog safe on every trip.

Maximising Comfort with Ventilation

Travel and leisure are best for your dog with proper ventilation. The kennel has smart wire vents for excellent airflow. This smart innovation keeps your pet refreshed and comfortable during the trip.

Best Travel Convenience

The Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel values easy travel. This kennel has a tie-down strap hole for further security while travelling with your pet. Your pet’s safety is vital during travel.

Comfort-tailored dimensions

Your dog’s comfort is paramount. With 40″ length, 36.25″ width, and 28.8″ height, this kennel gives your medium-sized dog plenty of room to stretch out, lie down, or stand. Your pet’s requirements are met in this sanctuary.

Petmate Kennel-Crate: Small Dog Cozyness

The lightweight and durable Petmate Kennel-Crate is ideal for tiny dog owners who want a safe and comfortable place.

Amazing Security in a Compact Design

The robust plastic Petmate Kennel-Crate protects your small pet at all times. Its metal door with a latch keeps your pet safe from escape.

Conveniently designed

The 10-pound Petmate Kennel-Crate is easy to move. This tiny form fits easily into your everyday routines, whether you’re going on a road trip or moving the crate around the house.

Comfort in Compactness

While small, this kennel is comfortable for your pet. Your tiny dog can rest, relax, and feel safe in its 24.75″ width, 40″ length, and 28.8″ height.


Petmate Kennels Improve Dog Comfort

Petmate leads the way in dog kennels from quality and smart design. The Petmate Vari Heavy-Duty Kennel and Petmate Kennel-Crate accommodate medium-sized dogs that demand space and little dogs that need a cosy home. These durable, safe, and comfortable kennels ensure your pet travels and naps in luxury. Petmate improves your dog’s experience today.

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Color Bleached Linen
Brand Petmate
Product Dimensions 36.25″L x 24.75″W x 28.8″H
Target Audience Cat, Dog
Material Plastic


2) LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog CageLUCKUP 42" Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Check Price

LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Cage is a durable and reliable dog cage. This dog cage is the best on the market due to its high quality and functionality. This cage’s industrial-grade materials make it highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

Unmatched Durability and Industrial Craftsmanship

The LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Cage’s industrial-grade structure is its hallmark. Pet owners can invest in the cage’s long-term durability due to its carefully selected material. The cage’s durability ensures it can withstand varied conditions.

Healthy First with Nontoxic Finish

Through its nontoxic finish, the LUCKUP Dog Cage prioritises your pet’s health. The cage’s construction and finish prevent dangerous substances from releasing, protecting your dog. This ingenious function keeps your dog’s habitat safe and healthy.

Improved Accessibility and Easy Maintenance

The double door on the LUCKUP 42″ Dog Cage makes it easier to use. These two doors make feeding and playing with your dog easier. The 360-degree rotating locking casters allow you to easily relocate the cage to find the best position in your home.

Easy Assembly for Your Comfort

LUCKUP knows dog cage setup shouldn’t be difficult. LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Cage installation is simple and user-friendly. Your pet’s refuge will be ready quickly with simple instructions and materials. The cage’s easy setup makes it excellent for beginners and experienced pet owners.

Unmatched Quality: Your Pet Deserves Luck

Finally, the LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Cage combines high-quality materials, clever design, and pet-friendly features. Choosing LUCKUP means choosing uncompromising durability, safety, and convenience well beyond expectations. Today, upgrade your pet’s living area with the LUCKUP 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Cage.

Invest in quality. Invest in pet health. Choose LUCKUP.

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Target Species Dog
Product Dimensions 41.5″L x 30.5″W x 37″H
Gap Size 2 Inches

3) Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with CoverLucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover

Check Price

Looking for a stylish and functional indoor dog kennel? Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is excellent. This amazing kennel is built for your pet’s comfort and convenience. This comprehensive guide will cover the amazing features that make the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover the best choice for your dog.

Unlocking Design Flexibility and Superior Quality

Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is a top choice for comfort and security for your pet. This kennel’s precision-crafted modular square-tube panels ensure stability and design versatility. This ingenious design keeps your pet’s sanctuary safe and durable in any situation.

Easy Assembly for Instant Gratification

You no longer struggle with complicated assembly instructions. The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is easy to assemble. You’ll have your indoor dog kennel ready quickly with its user-friendly design. Avoid frustration and enjoy instant enjoyment with your beloved pet.

Strong Steel Frame, Durable Finish

The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is durable, which is important when choosing an indoor dog kennel. The steel frame of this outstanding kennel has a precise two-step powder coat coating for long-lasting functionality. Trust the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover for years of reliable use.

Welded Wire Construction Increases Security

Pet safety means no compromise. The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover has centre welded wire structure to safeguard your pet. This ingenious function gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe in this high-quality kennel.

Comfort and convenience in every weather

The health of your pet is paramount, regardless of the weather. The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is a weather-resistant cover for your pet’s comfort and safety. The cover protects your pet from rain and shine, keeping them warm and dry. The roll-up door makes entry easy, letting you engage with your pet.

Get Your Pet Comfortable with Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover

Finally, the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover is the best indoor dog kennel for discerning pet owners. The quality, design, and utility of this kennel exceed expectations in every way. Treat your pet to comfort and security with the Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel with Cover. Experience pet-friendly luxury today by upgrading your pet’s living space.

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Brand Lucky Dog
Target Species Dog
Product Dimensions 48″L x 48″W x 52″H
Special Feature Stability, Waterproof, Secure, Durable, Lockable

4) Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel on Wheels with Tray

LEMBERI 48/38 inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

Check Price

Amazon Basics is a trustworthy and easy-to-use pet kennel for dog owners. Amazon Basics offers a 42-inch heavy-duty stackable pet kennel for pets and humans using its quality and ingenuity. The elements that make this pet cage stand out are covered in this article.

Simpler Maintenance and Convenience

The Amazon Basics 42-inch pet kennel’s robust pull-out tray makes cleaning easy. The tray is easy to remove and clean, making pet messes a breeze.

High-quality build

This black pet kennel, made of iron and polypropylene, integrates with any home design. These sturdy materials offer longevity and resilience, providing you piece of mind that your pet is safe.

Easy Access and Portability

The top-opening kennel makes pets and supplies easy to reach. In meals, playtime, or just spending time with your pet, this function makes their environment more accessible. Lockable casters for smooth transit and secure positioning. You may effortlessly relocate the kennel from room to room to keep your pet close.

Small Storage Solution

When living space is restricted, the Amazon Basics pet kennel shines. Collapsing it allows for convenient storage. This feature is useful for folks who like functional, space-saving furniture. Most of the kennel elements are pre-assembled, making setup easy.

Comfortable Dimensions

The 43.5 by 29.8 by 34.3-inch pet kennel gives your pet plenty of room to relax and move. These dimensions are ideal for making your pet feel at home.


In conclusion, Amazon Basics’ 42-inch stackable pet cage is convenient, durable, and well-designed. The easy-to-clean pull-out tray, superior materials, top-opening access, mobility, and space-saving collapsibility make this pet kennel a great choice for pet owners. Amazon Basics’ quality and ingenuity make this kennel comfortable and safe for your pet. This Amazon Basics pet kennel is reliable and multifunctional, improving your pet’s life and your living space.

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Brand Amazon Basics
Target Species Dog
Product Dimensions 43.5″L x 29.8″W x 34.3″H
Material Polypropylene, Iron


Best Indoor Dog Kennel 2023: Buyer’s Guide

What Is Indoor Dog Kennel?

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Indoor Dog Kennel is a niche industry that was born out of the increasing number of dog owners with small spaces. These kennels are designed and built to offer dogs a space just for them, tailored specifically to their natures and needs so they can be comfortable while their owners are away at work all day or on vacation.

Who Uses Indoor Dog Kennel?

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Most people with an indoor pet use an indoor dog kennel. It is a great way to keep your animal safe and secure when you are not home. It also gives them their own space to sleep and relax. There are many different types of indoor dog kennels on the market today, so finding the right one for your pet can be a bit overwhelming.

Different Types Of Indoor Dog Kennel

Traditional Kennel

If you have a small yard and want to keep your dog close by, a traditional kennel is a great option. These structures provide ample space for your pup to move around, and they often come with an attached run. Some models even have a built-in door to the house, so your dog can come and go as he pleases.

Portable Dog Kennel

Portable dog kennels are a great option for those who want the flexibility to move their dog’s enclosure around the yard. These structures typically have four panels that can be arranged in various configurations. Some models even come with a carrying case, so you can take your portable kennel with you on trips.

Soft-Sided Dog Kennel

Soft-sided dog kennels are a good choice for small dogs or those who live in apartments. These structures are typically made of nylon or another breathable fabric and have mesh panels to promote airflow. Many soft-sided kennels can be folded down for easy storage, and some models even come with carrying handles.

Wire Dog Kennel

Wire dog kennels are a popular choice for many dog owners. These structures are typically made of welded wire and have a powder-coated finish to resist rusting. Wire kennels often come with a removable roof panel, so you can provide your dog with shade or protection from the elements.

Plastic Dog Kennel

Plastic dog kennels are a good choice for those who want an affordable, easy-to-clean option. These structures are typically made of molded plastic and have ventilation holes to promote airflow. Many plastic kennels come with a removable roof panel, so you can provide your dog with shade or protection from the elements.

Cardboard Dog Kennel

Cardboard dog kennels are a good choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional kennels. These structures are typically made of recycled cardboard, and they often have removable panels for easy cleaning. Many cardboard kennels come with a carrying case and can be assembled in minutes.

Hard-sided Dog Kennel

Hard-sided dog kennels are a good choice for those who want a durable, weather-resistant option. These structures are typically made of aluminum or another sturdy material, and they often have ventilation holes to promote airflow. Many hard-sided kennels come with a removable roof panel, so you can provide your dog with shade or protection from the elements.

Considerations Before Buying Indoor Dog Kennel


The Best Indoor Dog Kennel is an enclosed kennel designed to house your dog indoors. The most popular size options include:

  • Large dog kennels that measure 20-24 inches wide and are 30-36 inches long (to accommodate dogs up to 100 lbs.)
  • Medium dog kennels that measure 16-20 inches wide and are 24-30 inches long (to accommodate dogs up to 50 lbs.)
  • Small dog kennels that measure 12-16 inches wide and are 18-24 inches long (to accommodate dogs up to 25 lbs.)


Most indoor dog kennels are made from either plastic or wire. Some models may also include a removable floor mat.

  • Plastic: Plastic indoor dog kennels are typically the most affordable option. They’re also lightweight and easy to clean. However, plastic kennels may not be as durable as other options and some dogs may not enjoy being confined in a plastic kennel.
  • Wire: Wire indoor dog kennels are more durable than plastic models, and they provide better ventilation. However, they may be less comfortable for some dogs, as they can feel cold and enclosed. Additionally, they’re generally more expensive than plastic versions.


Indoor dog kennels range in price from $50 to $200. The type of material, size, and features will all affect the cost.


When choosing an indoor dog kennel, there are a few features to keep in mind:

  • Door: Most indoor dog kennels come with a door that allows you to open or close the kennel. Some models also feature a door that can be locked with a padlock, ensuring that your dog can’t get out of the kennel on its own.
  • Windows: Some indoor dog kennels come with windows, which can provide your dog with a view and some ventilation.
  • divider: A divider panel can be inserted into some indoor dog kennels, allowing you to create two separate living spaces for your dog. This is ideal if you have two dogs that need to be owned.
  • Ventilation: Indoor dog kennels should have ample ventilation, as dogs need fresh air in order to stay healthy and comfortable. Look for a kennel with plenty of openings or wire mesh panels to allow for air flow.
  • Easy to Clean: Kennels can get dirty quickly, so it’s important to choose one that’s easy to clean. Plastic and wire kennels can be wiped down with a damp cloth, while some models also include removable floor mats that

What Is The Difference Between Outdoor Dog Kennel And Indoor Dog Kennel?

An indoor dog kennel is typically a smaller space inside your home where your dog can stay while you are away or during the night. An outdoor dog kennel is a larger, fenced-in area outside of your home where your dog can stay and play. Both types of kennels have their own benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before deciding what is best for your dog.

There are a few key differences between an indoor and an outdoor dog kennel. The first thing to consider is the space that each type of kennel offers. An indoor kennel typically does not have as much space as an outdoor kennel, which means it may not be suitable for dogs who need a lot of room to run and play. On the other hand, an outdoor kennel provides more space and is better suited for dogs who like to roam around.

Another key difference between indoor and outdoor dog kennels is the level of exposure to the elements that each type offers. Outdoor dog kennels are typically exposed to the elements, which means they can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Indoor dog kennels, on the other hand, are usually located inside a home or garage and are not exposed to extreme temperatures. This can be a benefit for dogs who are sensitive to temperature changes or who do not do well in extreme weather conditions.

Finally, it is important to consider the level of security that each type of kennel offers. Outdoor dog kennels are typically more secure than indoor dog kennels because they are surrounded by a fence. Indoor dog kennels may not have a fence, which means they could be more vulnerable to predators or intruders. However, they may also offer a higher level of protection from other dogs and animals who might try to get in.

Advantage Of Using Indoor Dog Kennel

Indoor Dog Kennel is a must-have for any responsible dog owner in this day and age. It provides your dog with the safety and protection it needs so that you don’t have to worry about him getting into trouble when you can’t be there to keep an eye on him. There are many benefits to using an indoor dog kennel, such as:

  • Safety and security. Indoor dog kennels provide a safe, enclosed space for your dog to spend time in when you aren’t able to watch over him directly. This means that he will be completely protected from any potential dangers that could be lurking outside, such as traffic, other animals, or even bad weather.
  • Convenience. An indoor dog kennel is a perfect solution for busy dog owners who can’t always be there to let their dogs out for a bathroom break or a run around the block. With an indoor dog kennel, you can simply let your dog out into the kennel when it’s time for him to relieve himself and then let him back in when he’s done.
  • Exercise. Just because an indoor dog kennel keeps your dog safely contained doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to get any exercise. In fact, many indoor dog kennels come equipped with plenty of toys and space for your dog to run around and play. This is the perfect way to make sure that your dog stays active and healthy even when he can’t go outside for a walk or a run.
  • Socialization. If you have more than one dog, an indoor dog kennel can be a great way to help them socialize with each other. Dogs that spend time in an indoor dog kennel are less likely to fight or become aggressive with each other since they’re used to being in close quarters. This is also a great way for your dogs to learn how to interact with each other in a positive way.

How To Clean Indoor Dog Kennel?

To clean your indoor dog kennel, you will need:

  • rubber gloves
  • a bucket
  • dish soap
  • hot water
  • a scrub brush
  • a vacuum cleaner
  1. Put on the rubber gloves.
  2. Fill the bucket with hot water and dish soap.
  3. Dip the scrub brush into the soapy water and use it to clean any dirt or debris from the kennel.
  4. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair and other small particles from inside the kennel.
  5. Rinse off any remaining soap residue with clean, hot water.
  6. Allow your indoor dog kennel to air dry completely before allowing your pet back inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It To Buy A Indoor Dog Kennel?

Yes, buying an indoor dog kennel is definitely worth it. Not only are they great for providing your pet with a comfortable and safe place to rest and play, but they can also help keep your house clean and free of pet hair and odors. They are also a great investment if you frequently travel with your dog or have guests over who are not comfortable with dogs.

How Long Does A Indoor Dog Kennel Last?

An indoor dog kennel will last as long as you need it to. However, if you are using it for a specific purpose, such as training your dog or keeping them confined while you are away, then you will likely only need it for a short period of time. Kennels can be made from many different materials, including plastic, steel, and wood, so you can find one that meets your needs. Most indoor dog kennels are also portable, so you can take them to other locations if needed.

If you need an indoor dog kennel for a long period of time, such as while you are at work or traveling, then it is important to choose one that is made from durable materials. Some kennels are even made to be weatherproof, so you can use them outdoors if necessary. However, if you will only be using the kennel indoors, then any material will suffice.

Is It Safe To Paint Indoor Dog Kennel?

Many pet parents ask themselves whether it is safe to paint their indoor dog kennel. The answer depends on what type of paint you use and how you apply it. If you use non-toxic, water-based paint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then painting your indoor dog kennel is perfectly safe. Just make sure that your dog is out of the room while you are painting.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best indoor dog kennel, there are a few things that you should consider. First and foremost, make sure that you choose a kennel that is durable and can withstand your dog’s daily activity level. Every pet will have its own unique needs, so keep its size in mind as well.



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